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The Hans ® device is proven to perform significantly better than any other head and neck restraint. The Hans ® is easy to wear and use. With a device specifically chosen to fit you and your vehicle, using the Hans ® is as simple as wearing your helmet and putting your shoulder belts on over the device when you buckle up. The Hans device is designed to work with any SNELL - approved racing helmet and race approved racing harness. There are several basic Hans ® models developed to suit different seat angles, with sizes to suit nearly everyone.

The Hans ® device is the only head and neck support trusted and required by NASCAR ®, Formula 1, GP2, Champ car, ALMS, World Rally, IROC and others. The Hans device is SFI approved and it is the only head and neck restraint approved to FIA standards.

Waiver Form (adult)
Waiver Form (minor)
SFI Technical Information
Recommended by HANS to be completed and faxed in prior to ordering.

Hans ® device models
Sport series
  • Value priced
  • Injection molded super structural carbon fiber
  • Same performance as other HANS Devices
  • About one pound heavier than HANS Device Extra Series
Extra series
  • Lightweight
  • All carbon pre-preg construction
  • The most popular head & neck restraint in the world
Professional series
  • Ultimate lightweight protection
  • Hi modulus carbon fiber
  • Indent to requirement
Sliding tether upgrade kits
Call us for more information on this patent pending tether system for unlimited vision.

A sliding tether upgrade kit will enable you to convert your HANS Device to a sliding tether system.

The kit contains tether, carriers, nut washers, and full instructions. Medium length fits all HANS Devices except the extra large size.

Available as an option on any new HANS Device and as an accessory kit to upgrade an HANS Device.

Hans Vision
How do I choose the correct Hans Device?

It's easy to find the right HANS® for you.
For comfort the HANS® should match the angle of your seatback. (See Diagram below)

If you sit very upright and cannot get comfortable with a Model 20 try this Model.

All sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats.

Formula Mazda, Atlantic, Infiniti Pro, Barber Dodge, IRL, C/D Sports Racer, Formula 1 and similar.

The Model 40 is a rare application and fits extremely reclined seats such as Vintage FF.
Many people who buy a Model 40 return it for a Model 30. Please measure your seat (use an angle meter available at DIY-type stores) before ordering.

Choose the category that suits your needs. Seat Back Angle
10 Degrees All Versions
Rare applications, some Sprint Cars
20 Degrees All Versions
Most Sedans, Stock Cars and Sprint Cars
30 Degrees All Versions
Most Formula Cars
40 Degrees All Versions
Rare applications, Vintage Formula Cars
The width of the HANS® collar is sized to fit your neck or shirt collar size.
  • Under 12 Inches - Size Extra Small (XS) (For people under 100 lbs.)
  • 12 to 15 Inches - Size Small (S)
  • 15 to 18 Inches - Size Medium (M) (Called size REGULAR on older models)
  • Over 18 Inches - Size Large (L)
So a person with a 16" neck driving a Corvette would use a HANS® 20M.
It's as easy as that!
Do I require a special helmet?
No. But your helmet must be of composite construction and have a Snell SA rating.

MANZ regulations require the helmet to be of a Snell SA2000, Snell SA2005, BSB6658-85 standard or on the approved FIA technical list no 29 .
I can touch my chin to my chest with the device on. Is this a problem?
No. The HANS® tethers offer a great deal of mobility while still reducing the chance of injury. In an actual impact, the HANS® will remain stationary with respect to the shoulder belts, while your body slides forward until the tethers straighten. (Your head will not swing down towards your chest). The slack in the tethers is taken up before the belts restrain the torso, the HANS®, and the head together.

Science of head & neck restraint
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